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The MAST ClipPrinter software is designed to make Screenshots (Hardcopy, Screencapture, Snapshot) as effective as possible.
An easy to use interface was built to improve the performance of the user.
So ClipPrinter is an interesting application for bigger organizations / companies as well as for private usage.

MAST ClipPrinter Feature Overview

  • Hotkey: With the hotkey you define the key on your keyboard with which you activate the screen caputure mode.

  • Print: Print your entire screen or a specified area of your screen with the Windows Default Printer or a specified Printer only for ClipPrinter.

  • Save: Save your Shots with less mouseclicks as GIF, PNG, JPG or BMP.

  • Auto-Save: With the AutoSave feature you can save screenshots in a specified folder automatically. This improves your performance when you want to save many screenshots.

  • Edit: Of course you can edit your screenshots with MAST ClipPrinter before saving or copying them with the most needed features: Arrows, Rectangles, Text, Lines, Freehand etc.

  • Magnifier: ClipPrinter can activate a built in Magnifier to make more exacter Screenshots.

  • Windows Compatibility: MAST ClipPrinter is based on Microsoft .net. So ClipPrinter runs on all currently popular Windows Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows VISTA.

  • Easy Rollout: Because ClipPrinter was even optimitzed for a large amount of Users, we populate an MSI Installation package and a ZIP Archive with all necessary program files. A software Rollout of ClipPrinter can be done with less effort.


We have implemented some special features in MAST ClipPrinter to reduce the amount of tools on your desktop:
  • Color Picker
    MAST ClipPrinter has an integrated ColorPicker. Just press the hotkey and click on the desired color on your screen and copy the HEX or RGB Code to the Windows ClipBoard. A very nice feature not only for WebDesignes and graphic designers.

  • Text Transformation
    You can activate the text-transformation feature if you want to paste text from your windows clipboard without any formattings. Just press WIN+V instead of CTRL+V.

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