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Press Release

MAST Hard- & Software - a german software and hardware distributor - has developed a new software product called MAST ClipPrinter, an easy to use but high effective Snapshot tool for Windows.

MAST ClipPrinter was designed as a software product which is not overloaded with not needed functionality. This results in less training effort, more efficiency and an easy to use product.

MAST ClipPrinter supports the core functionality of a good screenshot tool: Save Screenshot as JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG.
Print Screenshot directly on your printer.
Edit Screencapture and draw lines, arrows, text, rectangles etc. to mark areas with high priority.
Copy the selected area of your screen directly to the Windows Clipboard and paste the Snapshot in your desired target application.
AutoSave functionality has been implemented to save many shots efficient in a specified target folder.

A Snapshot can be done easy by pressing a HotKey. MAST ClipPrinter offers you to specify a custom Hotkey to activate the capture mode.

MAST ClipPrinter was designed for enterprises as well as for private users, graphic designers and webdevelopers.

Another focus was put on the easy to handle installation of MAST ClipPrinter. An MSI Package and a ZIP-File with the Program-Files is available. All core functionality of ClipPrinter is bundled in a small Executable with no additional DLL / ActiveX Components.

Currently the User-Interface of MAST ClipPrinter is available in English and German. If other translations are needed MAST can be contacted.
Because the Snapshot tool is based on the .net technology MAST ClipPrinter runs on all newer Windows Versions like Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista ...

The Demo Version of MAST ClipPrinter can be downloaded for free and the full functionality can be tested for 30 days without any limitations.

The price for MAST ClipPrinter the efficient Snapshot and Screenshot Tool is 11 USD (Single User License). High discounts on company / enterprise licenses are available.

Visit the MAST Homepage for more Information.

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