MAST Clipprinter

MAST ClipPrinter is an easy but effective tool to make screenshots (hardcopy, snapshot etc.).
Screenshot / Hardcopy for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 10
With MAST ClipPrinter you can create screenshots (hardcopy, snapshot ...) with less steps as possible.
When you press the HotKey (i.e. PRINT, F10, ...) you can draw a rectangle on your screen and copy, save, edit or print the selected screen area.

Clipprinter is now free for personal use and can be downloaded here

Our goal was to create an easy to handle tool with the most important features.

Some Key Features:
- Exact the most needed functionality
- No nice to have features (goal is an easy to handle tool)
- As less steps as possible to edit, save or print the selected area on your screen.
- Save, copy, edit, print with only one mouseclick

... for more informations, please refer to the feature overview.

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