RunAs Professional

For Windows 2000, Windows XP, Native Support for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

RunAs Professional is a substitute for Microsoft's command runas.
RunAs Professional solves the problem that normal runas does not support the commandline parameter password.

Now you can use RunAs Professional to install software, use it in batch skripts and much more.

If you use RunAs Professional you can start an application with other credentials without log off and log on.

Because Nero does not run very properly without administrative rights you can build a crypted file with RunAs Professional in wich all the logon-data is stored. Then just double click on this file an Nero is launched with administrative rights - without entering password and username.

It is possible to run runAs Professional from the commandline with a password argument.

With RunAs Professional you could build crypted RAP files in wich all the logon-data and the application to run is stored in. The files are crypted with AES the well known symmetric algorithm.
Simply with a doubleclick you can run the application with other user rights.

RunAs Professional is ideal for Helpdesksupport and Scripting.

Remark for windows 7+

Windows 7-10 - Elevate
Since Vista, Microsoft has introduced the UAC, wich has some additional security layer. For some applications it is not enough to start them with admin rights. They need elevated admin rights.
This can be solved with the elevate tool:

Copy the elevate executable to your windows directory and add the prefix elevate to your runasp command.

RunasP itself need to be started elevated as well in some cases (register etc).

 There are two options to launch commands elevated then from runasp:
1. You can disable UAC (User Account Control).

2. You can launch your application elevated and force windows to use the full admin account. This can be done with the tool (free) Elevate.
(Elevate Homepage)


Enter Domain, AdminAccount and password. This command will force windows to launch cmd.exe unter the given admin account with REAL admin rights:

C:\tools\elevate.exe cmd.exe


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